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Smooth Air Classic
* bypass motors for wet or dry applications - gypsum dust, cement dust, etc.
* commercial or residential 
* washable cloth filter
* optional HEPA filter
SEBO Airbelt D-Series

The SEBO Airbelt D4 embodies the quality you expect from a Made in Germany product. Every detail expresses the highest quality, modern design reliability, and the standard features SEBO customers throughout the world have come to expect.
SEBO Airbelt K-Series
The SEBO air belt K3 includes an electrified telescopic wand designed to accommodate the E-1 Powerhead (also included) for thorough brushing and optimal cleaning of your carpet. The K3 also comes standard with the Parquet Brush for use on hard floors.

  • 5 years non-wear parts
  • 5 years motor
  • 1 year Labour
When purchased from an authorized dealer (that's us), you are eligible for a 10 year warranty.  Click here to register.

SEBO Airbelt E-Series


Innovation shows in every aspect of the design of the E-Series canisters, from the air belt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums are light, compact, durable, and powerful.

SEBO Powerheads and Accessories

SEBO DISCO floor polisher attachment